Blockchain in Energie (2023)

Blockchain in Energy by Jan Veuger (2023)

Out now: Blockchain in Energy. Proud and grateful that Roudlegde asked me to write this book!

The global energy crisis is accelerating, and within Europe, the European Union (EU) is actively working to address this challenge through policy frameworks and political management. However, the energy market remains fiercely competitive, prompting us to explore alternative energy sources and rethink how we generate, distribute, and utilize power. This, in turn, raises questions about the allocation of power, energy availability, and usage in various contexts.

Furthermore, the digital realm is undergoing rapid transformation across multiple sectors. Drawing on my expertise in blockchain technology, I recognize numerous opportunities to enhance the transparency and reliability of data related to energy issues. By leveraging blockchain, we can ensure that the information available is trustworthy and insightful for every user.

The aim of this book is to share my knowledge in the realm of energy and blockchain. It addresses the urgency of addressing global energy challenges and acknowledges the pivotal role of the EU in this endeavor. It also highlights the intensity of competition in the energy market and the need for innovative approaches. The book also demonstrates how blockchain can contribute to solving these issues, empowering individuals and organizations with reliable information and insights in the field of energy and blockchain technology.
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